About Us

Dupin was founded in 1991, and is today one of the leading distributors of foreign brands. We cover the markets of Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are the leading distributor of premium confectionery products.

We cover all segments of the market. We are present in all foreign and domestic chains, and in many independent stores. Our products can also be found in drugstores, kiosks, vending machines and gas stations.

We distribute goods all over Croatia, including islands, with our fleet of 22 vans and 1 truck. This provides us with exceptional flexibility and maximum efficiency in delivery. We supply over 6,000 sales outlets across the country.

We also have a very strong and dynamic sales team, which is headed by the sales manager, and the assistanta who are in charge of daily communication with key accounts. Our field logistic support is provided by our 28 sales representatives, who are on-site every day, and who take care that the products of our partners are present and well-displayed on the shelves of the stores.

We also have our own retail network Deliiicije, which is comprised of 24 retail stores in 6 cities. Deliiicije is a delicatessen chain, so there you can find the best Belgian pralines, top quality Croatian olive oils and handmade fig cakes.
Deliiicije is the first chain of this type in Croatia.