Adria is not just a business – it is a product of love and life-long passion of our founder for fine food.
What we believe is that food, when made right, doesn't just nourish body, but soul as well. That's the kind of food we want to make.

We first started by bringing traditional Croatian sweets back to life. Old recipes, Mediterranean ingredients and manual production – that was the beginning. We recreated the famous pepper-and-honey biscuit (paprenjak), reimagined the fig cake (smokvenjak), reintroduced traditional Grandma's tea biscuits.

Our hand-made range uses unique ingredients specific to the region. Lavender, figs, oranges, almonds and carob can be found in our delicious biscuits, chocolates and spreads. We don't imitate, we innovate!

We also have modern production, which allows us to produce bigger quantities at once and fully satisfy the market demand. In our wide assortment you can find delicious pralines, delightful lokums and crispy tartlets.