Notions Group is an innovative and regionally recognized Dubai-based group of companies that specializes in the manufacturing, local and regional distribution, and global export of a diverse range of unique savory snacks and confectionary items.

Notions Group was founded in 2008 and has two subsidiaries:
1. La Ronda, a Dubai-based chocolate factory that manufactures gourmet standard chocolates;
2. Star Foods, a Saudi-based savory snacks factory that specializes in the manufacture of a variety of chips, crisps and other snacks.

The Notions Group has seven brands of chocolates, including Dara, Wishes, Rouge, Arabian Delights, and the internationally acclaimed Chocodate, in addition to eight brands of potato chips.

It is the creator of the original chocolate treat Chocodate - a date stuffed with whole roasted almonds, that gives a magnificent crunchy texture, and topped with a layer of premium smooth chocolate. This unique and distinctive delicacy soon became the leading brand in the group, and we bring it to the shelves of Croatian stores too!