Niederegger is a family business from the German city of Lübeck with more than 200 years long tradition, which celebrated German marzipan. Marzipan from Lübeck has had a protected geographical origin since 1996 and is considered the best in the world. German marzipan is made by grinding whole almonds with sugar and toasting the resulting paste, and marzipan paste must contain at least 65 percent almonds.
The secret of top quality marzipan is firsty  in the quality of the almonds, and then in the ratio of almonds and sugar in the paste. Niederegger produces only 100 percent marzipan paste, made from almonds from Spanish plantations run by the Strait family. In Niederegger's manufactories, almonds are first blanched to remove their brown skin, then sorted once more so that only the best can enter the marzipan. After washing in large drums, almonds are mixed with sugar. Almonds and sugar are ground with rollers to obtain a specific, smooth but grainy texture of the paste and preserve the authentic taste of almonds.

Niederegger’s masters in kilns then toast the raw pasta, an almost extinct technique of rotating open flame boilers. With this toast, the marzipan gets the fine aromas of roasted almonds and dark sugar for which Niederegger's marzipans became famous. After cooling, Niederegger confectioners turn marzipan into more than 300 different sweets. The recipe for marzipan paste with the exact proportions of almonds, sugar and rose water is a family secret. Each candy is tested once more at an independent laboratory in Lübeck and then goes to market.
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